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Diamond Garlic Extract Regular

Diamond Garlic Extract Regular

"Aged garlic extract" of diamond garlic gives the energy to you.
In 1 pack, extract of about 2 pieces (1/3 of the 1 ball) is contains.
Easy to drink in the smell or acridity less mild type.
Or mix in cuisine and alcohol, it can be used in a variety of scenes.
[Contents: 300ml 10ml 30 packs]


????? / Energy 5.7Kcal
????? / Protein 0.23g
?? / Lipid 0g
???? / Carbohydrate 1.19g
????? / Sodium 0mg
???????? / Total polyphenols 23mg

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Minimum order :1 Carton

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Carton information

Size (WxDxH)  595x340x170(mm)
Weight 9.9(Kg)
Quantity 24