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Egoma Perilla Seed Oil Supplements

Egoma Perilla Seed Oil Supplements

The EGOMA is an annual herb of the mint family. The oil can take from the seed is rich in ?- linolenic acid.
The ?- linolenic acid is not synthesized in the human body.
Therefore is the essential fatty acids of the omega-3 there is a need to be taken from the plant.

The EGOMA oil has much more ?-linolenic acid than other vegetable oils.
Since the ?- linolenic acid is converted to EPA and DHL in the body, it called "blue-skin fish of field".

? Please enjoy 2 capsules a day. Please drink the capsule with of water.
[NOTE] If you do not disagree with, please refrain from the use.


????? / Energy 6.35kcal
????? / Protein 0.22g
????? / Protein 0.58g
???? / Carbohydrate 0.07g
????? / Sodium 0.70mg
?-????? / ?-linolenic acid

per 2 capsules (0.9g)

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