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Pin Rich Collagen Tripeptide

Pin Rich Collagen Tripeptide

Collagen is different absorption rate into the body by raw materials.
PinRitchi Collagen is 100 percent fish scales.
Because body temperature of fish is low, fish Collagen has the features easily decomposed at body temperature of humans and it is quick in an absorption rate at low molecular weight.
In addition, because it does not include the lipid as animal collagen can extraction high purity of collagen and low-calorie. Pinritchi stock solution, the content of high-purity collagen plenty 1300mg per 1 pack. We receive a large number of voice of joy.
Flavor, preservative, colorantfree.
Please enjoy straight or mix with some drinks.
[Contents: 300ml 10ml30 packs]

* If you do not disagree with, please refrain from the use.
* If you are pregnant, nursing, children, please refrain from the use.
* If you are prescribed a medication, the person in hospital, please consult with your doctor.


????? / Energy 5.2kcal
????? / Protein 1.30g
?? / Lipid 0g
???? / Carbohydrate 0g
????? / Sodium 0.5g

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Minimum order :1 Carton

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Carton information

Size (WxDxH)  490x330x165(mm)
Weight (Kg)
Quantity 20