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Shiitake Power 115 Tablet type

Shiitake Power 115 Tablet type

Shiitake Mushrooms are natural health foods, eaten from ancient times, that are not only delicious, but also include various nutrients.

Shiitake Power 115 is a dietary supplement that allows you to easily intake those nutrients everyday.

o The main ingredient, shiitake mushroom, used in the tablets is a quality good, Kinkyo No.115, domestically cultivated by Japan Kinoko Research Center Foundation so it is safe.

o Kinkyo No.115 contains 1.6 times more lentinan; uniquely found in shiitake mushrooms, compared to the general type.

o Easy to Take Tablet type
o 8 tablets contain nutrients equivalent to one Shiitake Mushroom

o Contains 250 tablets (350mg per tablet)
o MATERIALS: Shiitak Mushroom

o Directions: Take 8 tablets daily.
o Storing: Store at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight and hot rooms.


????? / Energy 11.14Kcal
????? / Protein 0.39g
?? / Lipid 0.16g
?? / Carbohydrate 0.39g
???? / Dietary fiber 1.62g
????? / Sodium
????D / Vitamin D
?-1.3-???? / ?-1.3 -glucan
2 - 5ug

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Carton information

Size (WxDxH)  340x400x290(mm)
Weight 4.5(Kg)
Quantity 40 bag